Triangl Love.

Oh my days. Breathe Laura breathe.

This landed at LLC HQ's and i have never been so excited about a parcel before!!!!!
Honestly i literally ran to the door as i was expecting it due to it trying to be delivered on Monday and again on Tuesday and nobody was in so it got taken away to their delivery office and i have to have it redelivered. (Nothing more annoying.) But anyway it got here safe and sound.

Over the past few months the brand Triangl has been flying around Instagram and its hard not to look at their Instagram account with their beautiful Swimwear but also their amazing Lingerie, but also to have body envy of their models. Its such a same a body doesn't automatically come with their sets. (Wishful thinking).
A lot of lucky bloggers have been posting images that they have received either underwear sets or bikini sets from this company which causes a lot of love for the brand. Even myself has been loving seeing the images.

So when i was emailed by the PR team asking me would i like to chose either a set from their swimwear or their underwear range i was all of a sudden filled with thoughts such as 'How can i possibly choose?!'. When it comes down to it, you really don't know which one to pick. Whereas before i would flick through their images and pick ones that you would defo get and you would have your favs, but when it comes to choosing the right one it isn't so easy. My boyfriend is a witness to this and as he said "Its only a bikini". 
Excuse me, this is not just a bikini. Its probably the most beautiful bikini i am ever going to own. 
I chose a bikini because i am going on holiday soon and i find it hard to get perfect fitting bikinis.

I am a 34D bra size so struggle when i comes to bikinis because some are either sizes such as 8, 10, 12 etc or they come in sets which mean the top and bottoms are the same size. But i am a size 8 on bottoms so this isn't any good to me. Topshop are useless for bikinis for my sizing as they sell out straight away in D sizes or don't even make them in that size i don't know but they never have the size i want. Or they do them in sets which i cant chose the size bottoms to fit. (ANNOYING)
Also, being this size top it creates problems for bandeau type bikinis as they are never quite structured to hold you in which means you can't go swimming without losing your dignity.

This is why i chose the Winnie Bandeau set in Miami Mint.
The next big decision was what size do i get. They have a helpful size chart on their website which guided me into getting the Size M top and bottoms. I got a size M for bottoms even though i am a size 8 is because there is nothing more than bottoms digging into your love handles and making them seem bigger. 
I'll tell you now that the size is PERFECT! They fit SO well and they are structured to hold you in and smooth out any lumps or bumps which is always welcomed!

As you can see from the image, the detail on the bikini are what make it worth the money. The fastening on the top makes me feel safe that i am not going to pop out at any time, its not easy for someone to pull open so if i lean on the strap its not going to come open. The zip detail on the top is great so you can open it a little bit or have it fully zipped up.
Its the scuba type material that makes you know its a Triangl bikini. The material is 'neoprene'. They provide care instructions so you don't ruin your pretty bikini.
It says not to put it in the washer and not to fold as this causes creases. So you should wash it in cold water after you've had contact with salt water or chlorine and if creases do occur then iron them inside out.

I can't wait to wear this in two weeks time so follow my Instagram (lauracranston1) for images to be uploaded of me in my Triangl bikini on the beach with a lovely tan!

Have you heard of this brand? 
Have you got a bikini from their range?



  1. such. a. cute. bikiniiiiii :o omg you're so lucky haha! the color is gorgeoussss


  2. OH MY! Okay, I am border line obsessed with this bathing suit!!! AHHHH!


  3. you are so lucky! I have been dying to get my hands on a triangl bikini for as long as i can remember!!

    -Ness xo.

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