The #Ultrabondchallenge with Nouveau Lashes.

Aaaaaa I am so excited by these I can't contain it.

I was lucky enough to be able to take part in the Ultrabondchallenge with Nouveau Lashes and AmazingPRltd and got send this amazing package. 
The challenge was to apply the false lashes and keep them on until Sunday night. They've brought out this new ultra bond glue that is meant to last longer than normal glue. Excited much I think so.

I'm loving the box btw! Inside was a pack of Nouveau Lashes (the most amazing ones I've had my hands on)! And also the ultra bond glue all with instructions about how to apply which I was thankful for as I'm rubbish at putting lashes on. I was abit anxious about putting them on to tell you the truth, as I'm not a false lash kinda gal. All my friends wear them and they put them on with no problems (okay some stress and have a paddy) but they stick them on and off out they go. Whereas for me, it would be a case of shouting at myself, having a paddy and ripping the. Straight back off and just accept I'm not wearing them. Then even if I do manage to get them on and make them stay, then I'm constantly checking and fiddling with them all night. Oh and the next bit is the worst for me I just can't bear the thought. When you get in from the night out, don't take your makeup off and wake up in the lashes that are all clumpy and not in the same place. Urgh! Awful and then you've got to peeeeel them off.
Not for me I tell ya.

So I wasn't that excited to try as I thought they would be huge thick ones that would just look awful and I had to work all weekend so would just look stupid. Anyway panic over as I took the lashes out and sen they were the thinnest ones I've seen and I was so excited to see how they would look. I am a big fan of fake lashes that look natural! 

Couple of days later and the challenge was upon us and we had to get sticking those lashes to our lashes!

When I prepped myself up with my tweezers and scissors, I examined the lashes themselves and was intrigued to find the strips that holds them together wasn't black like the ones I've had before, it's clear which helps with the natural effect! 

Check out the difference! Right eye has lashes on and left one doesn't. 

           The finished look!

IGNORE THE BROWS. (At the inbetween stage waiting to get my brows redone).

Putting them on was so easy. I'm not kidding. I didn't even have to trim them to fit my eyes as they were the a perfect length. So I spread a little line along the strip and waited a minute for it to get sticky which helps get them in place first time round as if you put them on straight away when the glue is still wet it won't stick. But waiting for them to get sticky allows you to stick them in place as soon as they hit your lash line. I held one corner down with my finger and one down with the other side of the tweezers and waited until I felt they were safe in place. On my first eye it took two go's which I think is pretty good for it being my first time in about 2 years. The second eye was first time so I was so proud of little self. 
Although I didn't quite believe that was it. I kept checking in the mirror to see if they'd moved or anything had gone wrong as it felt too good to be true.
It was so true. They were on and it took me no longer than 5 mins. That was my lashes set for the whole weekend, I hoped.
I popped a tiny bit of mascara onto my lashes to combine my lashes with the false ones and off out I went.

Came back, took my makeup off and washed my face, around the eyes and used cotton buds to clean my eye makeup off. 
Went to sleep. Woke up expecting to have one half off my eye because I sleep on one side and I thought the side that was touching the pillow would have came off or bent or something. Nope, nothing happened. They were still perfect so I began applying my makeup for the long day ahead I had at work.
Came home took my makeup off and went in the bath. (The steam didn't even budge these babies)! 
By now I was forgetting they were even on so there I was rubbing my eyes, sneezing the lot. Don't even laugh at the thought of sneezing being a task! Because when I sneeze I squeeze my eyes shut so I thought by squeezing that hard it would do something to them but nope. Yet again, not budged.
Went to bed and woke up again with still perfect lashes.
Washes and even cleaned my lashes by using a toner on a cotton bud I pushed my lashes down with my finger whilst pushing my lashes up with the cotton bud cleaning the lashes as I push upwards. This gets all the mascara off so you can apply a refresh lot.
Applied my makeup and off to work I went again. Came home and TAAAA DAAA.
No extra glue was used throughout the whole of the weekend!!!!

                                      Day 2!
                                   Day 3!

Here is what this had all boiled down to..are they still on? 

Of course they bloody are! 

These pictures were taken at the end of the challenge. The only thing I will say is annoying about the glue is that any makeup sticks to it. They would look fresh if I took them off and applied them again with the glue so I might just do this! It wouldn't be as bad if you didn't use eyeliner or eyeshadow on the glue or near the lash line.

I recommend ultra bond glue to any and every girl! There will be a time that comes when you need to were lashes and need them to last not only through the whole night but for the next day and even the day after. This is a must in every girls makeup bag.

I'm going to keep them on and see actually how long they last!! I will keep you updated through my twitter and Instagram so make sure you're following me on them both! 

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Instagram- lauracranston1

What do you guys think? Do you love it or do you love it?


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