Step - to - step guide on how to get the look..Orange lips.

Using: Max Factor Excess Volume mascara*, L'Oreal Nude Maquique Blur Cream* and Gosh Lipstick in Flirty Orange* along with Gosh Lipliner in Flirty Orange*. All available at Superdrug. 

Orange is the new black so embrace it!!

When I seen this mascara I was so excited to try it! I'm one of those girls who ends up using two mascaras anyway, so having two different wands in one product is just amazing. And when I tried it I thought it was as good as I thought it would be. Until I went to take it off before bed. It is so hard to take off! Maybe because I'm still in the stage where I'm using makeup wipes because I like how easy and quick they are. But it takes longer than normal to get it all off. Maybe this would be good for people who use eye makeup remover with oils in. But overall i was pleased with the product.

I've never been so excited by a lipstick and a liner before. I'm loving orange lippy soo much ATM. So when I opened this I tried it on straight away and much to my excitement it was fricking amazing. It's so bright and is glossy so it doesn't dry out your lips or stick to the dry patches. The lip liner is a match so they go together like cheese and crackers. Love this!

And finally the L'Oreal blur cream, well I wasn't so excited about this. I'm not one for primers because I feel it's just adding to the layers and I don't like to block my pores too much. It feels amazing and so soft but I don't feel it makes a difference. Maybe I just need to keep using it.

Tried any of these products? 
What do you reckon to this look?



  1. Lovin the orange lippy! Wonder if it would suit my skin tone though :/

    Yazmin xx

  2. I absolutely love this look, and totally agree with Yazmin about the lip colour! Suits you so well.

    P.s. How on earth have I only just discovered your blog!? It's great!