My 'Le Lapin' parcel arrived!*

When i was contacted by the lovely people over at Le Lapin HQ i was so flattered that they had stumbled across my Instagram account and liked what they seen! It really makes me burst with joy that people actually like what you put out into the world as you forget other people read your blog or like your images so thank you Le Lapin. But that isn't the cutest thing, the cutest thing is that they actually had spend time looking through my images and read the captions and they knew that i have a love for gold necklaces!!
I love any type of gold pendant necklaces and find it hard to come across a nice one. Topshop normally do them but i feel they lose their goldness so easily which means you have to go back and buy another but when you go back they have either sold out or discontinued them. Annoying. So when i find a one i like i normally buy two now.

But anyway, when i opened this little cute parcel i was in love and i hadn't even seen what was inside! The packaging is lush! I find if someone/a company spend time perfecting their packaging then the product is going to be just as good. First impressions and all that! With their dusky pink and grey colour scheme going on (10 points for that by the way! i love pink and grey), their organza jewellery bag and the pink and white rabbit stickers (also fits with the name). It all paints a pretty picture and creates a look for the company. Which is a good one.

Once i got in their and seen what they had sent me i couldn't wait to try them on. I have been loving rings at the minute so they were spot on! Another point Le Lapin!
They sent me a beautiful 'Bow Midi Ring' (£2.50) YES THAT IS REALLY THE PRICE!
and also their cute 'Valentine Ring' (£3.50).

I was curious of the fit of rings as i have really small hands which means small but stumpy fingers but i still take a size small in rings. But they fit perfectly. Although the Bow ring is meant to be a midi ring it is too big for that but it is perfect to be a normal ring!
They go perfectly together and they also come in silver if you're not a gold fan.

Honestly you need to check out their website as i've already spotted some absolutely gorgeous things on there >>>> Le Lapin <<<<<

I've got my eyes on the Constance necklace and also the Arcadia necklace. But make sure you check out their Decroix necklace. It is beautiful and with a chosen at random colour pendant their is also that surprise element too.

What do you reckon girls? 


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