My First Bloggers Event. Paul Mitchell at the Gary Hedley Salon.

WARNING: Grab yourself a cuppa. Super long post.

When i received the email inviting me to my first bloggers event i was over the moon! But also scared at the same time so i pushed it to the back of my mind because i was thinking 'I can't go on my own!'. So when i received another email on Monday reminding me of the event my first thought was 'Sugar!!!' ( Or maybe a naughtier version of sugar! oops)
But then when i was surfing around on twitter which i do far too much i found some fellow bloggers discussing the even and planning to meet so i made myself reply asking to meet too. They were so lovely letting me tag along because i got the feeling they already knew each other.
So when i finished work and got home i had to quickly decide what i was wearing for my first event and this was a task because i had to wear something that was appropriate for 7 hours of work as well as for the event. Obviously though, the new Zara blazer had to be worn without a doubt! Then i decided so did my H&M ripped jeans as i wear them everywhere and anywhere because they fit so well. So i paired my new Topshop stripey top with them along with my Primark necklace and rings.

Foundation - Clinique Superbalanced
Bronzer - Benefit Hoola
Blusher - Benefit Sugarbomb
Eyeshadow - Urban decay Naked Palette One
Eyebrows - Collection Eyebrow Kit
Concealer - Rimmel Wake Me Up
Lipstick - Maybelline Colour Sensational in Tantalizing Taupe.

Jacket - Zara £59.99
Top - Topshop £22
Jeans - H&M £19.99
Bag - Matalan £9 (sale)

When i stepped off the bus into Eldon Square in Newcastle the nerves started to begin and i was a bit worried as the girls i was meeting said they were somewhere else and i didn't no where this place was as i don't pop into Newcastle city center that much. But luckily i found them and met all the lovely bloggers: Skulls & KissesThe Girl In The Bowler Hat and Cocktails in Teacups. We then arrived at the Gary Hedley Salon which is aprox 5 minutes from Central Station and is situated on Mosley Street. After debating who is going to go into the salon first we got beat to it and got greeted by the Paul Mitchell team to welcome us into the salon and introduce us to everyone including Gary Hedley himself.
The Paul Mitchell team were so lovely to chat to and made us feel relaxed and soon we were greeted by topless waiters accompanied with bow ties and carrying silver trays with glasses of Prosecco on. So i took a glass and started having a chat to some more bloggers that were already there and some that arrived later which were the lovely New Girl In Toon and Beauty Pea. Once we all felt a bit more comfortable we all wacked the cameras out and started photographing the salon, the new products on show and the models in the chairs getting their hair styled by the Gary Hedley team. The Paul Mitchell team were chatting asking if we were familiar with Paul Mitchell products or the salon and i have to admit i haven't tried either. I don't know about you guys but when i am sat in the chair in a hair salon and you see all the amazing looking bottles of goodness on display you automatically think they will be totally out your price range so don't even think about asking how much they are. Don't get me wrong i have heard of the brand Paul Mitchell and heard great things.


BeautyPea, Myself and Newgirlintoon.

The one thing that i noticed straight away when i was in there mingling was the smell of the place. And it wasn't in a bad way trust me. Everytime the hairdresser sprayed one of the new products i would wander over just to get another whiff of it. It smelt bloody lush!! The two products that they were spraying and smelt gorgeous were the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash (50ml £9.95) and the Paul Mitchell Stay Strong Hairspray (50ml £7.50). The dry wash is a dry shampoo but with their new formula it means it doesn't have that talc like feel or white look. Which will be good news for all you brunettes out there as well as everyone else. Because that is the one thing i hate about dry shampoos! When you get the textured full of product white roots look. It helps you get a fresh look within 5 minutes hence the line 'Fabulous in Five'. The dry wash states that it will: Revive you look, absorb excess oils, prolong hair colour, freshen up post workout and you can share it with your man.
The Stay Strong hairspray is an express drying hairspray that drys instantly and doesn't leave that layer of shine or the crisp feel! It is a weightless formula that you can use to get rid of frizz and flyaways and it is also humidity resistant which is what we all need in those summer days and especially on holiday. This states that it is a Ultra-dry formula, buildable hold and relentless volume.

It was now my turn to sit in the chair.
I got my hair styled by an amazing talented stylist by the Gary Hedley team. Stupidly, i went to the event with already curly hair because of the fact that i had to do something with my hair that will last from 8am through to 8pm and curly hair is the only thing that lasts in my hair. So i went in thinking there would be nothing that could be done to my locks, not only because it was curled already but because it had been styled once i was worried of it becoming too dry and damaging the ends even more. But i sat in the chair and i said do what you want but i did state i loved what she done the to model who she styled before me which was a plait of some sort. So off she went curling my hair with one of the new tools that they were introducing which is from the Neuro TM range. The Neuro Intelligent Styling range all come with a 2 year warranty. They are built with Ultra smooth plates which glide through the hair in one effortless pass and because they have microchip monitors which monitor the temperature so it can ensure perfect and even heat so you don't have to go over the same section or hair more than once.
They can reach 230c in seconds and because of the smart sense it regulates the temperature every 1/4 of a second to make sure it stays at the same temperature.

The stylist used the Neuro Unclipped 1inch Rod Beach Waves (£64.95) which create beach type waves which was perfect for my hair because i always end up brushing my curls out so they start to drop. As we were discussing which we preferred to use for curls, straighteners or tongs i noticed how much my hair just gliding off the rod. I must admit even though i always use straighteners i would definitely try these out because i love that they don't have the clip where you clip your hair into which always ends up leaving the straight 2cm bit where its been in the clip! Not noticing we were creating a bit of a crowd i realised what an amazing top she was doing with my hair and once she finished everyone was asking for photographs of it.
I was literally amazed at seeing the photo i got one of the girls to take of my hair because i didn't realise my hair could look like that! It is such festival hippy hair and i love that look. I couldn't stop playing with the curls because they felt so soft! I was worrying that it would felt brittle and damaged when it fact it felt better than it did when i curled it! I couldn't stop saying how soft it was as i was that amazed!
 I am certainly going back for when i go to a festival in the summer because even when i did drop out during the night, it actually still looked amazing.

The morning after..

Frolicking in the sun.

Anyway, it was eventually time to leave and of course it started to pelt it down with hail stone! So we ended up waiting for it to stop because i was not ruining this lush hair! But before we left we got handed these lush goody bags with the two new products in (Dry wash and Stay Strong Hairspray) which i can't wait to try!

Sorry about the major long post but wanted to let you guys know everyhing!

Hope its not too boring.



  1. Fantastic write up m'dear ... you've set a high standard for us all to follow!

    I'm so pleased your hair still looked so great the morning after, there are some seriously talented folk in that Salon and I think your style was the perfect example of how great the products are :)

    So lovely to meet you, hopefully see you again at something soon!

    Chloe x

  2. Ahhh thank you it means a lot!
    I know it was lush and still is. Super talented lady.

    Lovely meeting you too!! Xxxx

  3. That must have been so fun! I love how your hair turned out! :)
    xx beautyybychloe.blogspot.com