My Next Holiday Wish List..

Today has been a strange day. I woke up quite late which it wasn't that bothered about because I haven't slept in for ages and the past few weeks have been tough at work with the kids being off school (I work in H&M kids). And since I've got two days off I said I would video a tutorial and with it being my first YouTube video I found it extremely nerve racking and totally ballsed it up. Soooo that ain't going on. I was actually going to upload it but I sent it to my boyfriend Adam and told him to give me his honest opinion. To which he did (wish he did when I put on two stone but nevermind) and said I need to relax more and said to stick to blogging for now. I thought it was really good advice and I trust him with his opinion so here I am sticking to blogging for now.

I haven't done a wish list in a while and here are a few things I've been after for a while now.
From top left. This bikini from Triangle looks soooo good. It comes in ither amazing colours and it was actually hard choosing a colour, the orange one looks lush along with the white and blue. It's expensive but the material looks great. 
Top right, is these amazing white heels from beginning boutique. They are Windsor Smith heels and I'm in LOVE. I've always thought white heels look tacky but I swear these look fricking lush. Although they would get dirty ASAP I think which may be the reason I'm not rushing to purchase. These are also expensive but I think they are worth it.
Bottom left is the two piece from Sabo Skirt. I've mentioned this online clothing website before and I still in love. I bought a dress from them for my 21st birthday (which unfortunately I had to send back as it was too boobie). Their stuff is beautiful and so are their models. They make everything look lush. You have to purchase the top and skirt separate but they look great together so I would totally wear both together. Two pieces are in ATM. 
Bottom right is this super girly dress from Miss Guided which is a steal at £14.99. You could imagine this on holiday with those perfectly tanned pins and perfect to cover up those red raw shoulders ;). 

Let's see which one I purchase :). Mostly will be uploaded to my Instagram so make sure to follow. Search for lauracranston1. 


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  1. Ah Triangl bikinis are amazing!! If I end up going on holiday this year I'd love to have one!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog