Lipstick storage.

Eeeee well I've been a bit rubbish at posting lately so I do apologise. I had this bright idea that I would do my first YouTube video on Thursday and obviously it all went to pot. Unlucky for me my camera (Nikon D3000) cannot record which I'm kicking myself at because when I was debating what camera to get for my Photography degree, I actually said "what am I going to need to video?!". Which would be rather handy now. So I had my brothers camera all set up and it uses AA batteries instead of an actual battery pack and the batteries I tried to use wouldn't work. Then I tried my dad's rechargeable batteries and they didn't work.
So it didn't happen. It will this week though. On Tuesday so what this space. It may take a while to edit because I haven't edit a video for two years since I created a short fashion film for my final major project in second year at uni which I was mega proud of.

So instead of recording a tutorial I decided to purchase a few things on ebay that I have been wanting for a while now.
This was a lipstick organiser. Jumping on the acrylic makeup storage holder bandwagon. I was wanting the drawer organiser too but I'm not sure what size I need or want so May stew in that for a little longer. Would love to know if you've got one and what do you make of it? It may influence my decision.
Then I spotted this cheeky little thing.

I bought the 24 lipstick holder which was £4.95 plus 99p for delivery. Which I thought was a bargain.
And it arrived yesterday so I've just got all my lipsticks and put them in my organiser which is so cute. I love that I can have them all in one place with the colours easy to see. Because I don't know about you but I hate having to search through my two huge makeup bags for a lippy which is obviously always at the bottom. Plus, sometimes if I don't see it then I forget to put a lippy on! 

I love it and think it looks so cute on your desk on your dressing table. 



  1. Those seem so great! I'm having a unit built so I can sort my shoes and makeups in my apartment and those holders would be so practical! Hiii now I really want one (or two, I'm such a lipstick addict)! xo

    MD from http://byourbself.blogspot.ca/

  2. Ohh, I may just have to purchase one of these.
    Loving the post :)
    Lots of love,