Hair Tutorial..Curly Hair.

As I explained on my last post, I tried to video a hair tutorial yesterday and went tits up. So here is the blog version. I do apologise for the lack of images. It's really hard to picture yourself doing your hair and once I'd done it, I realise I was zoomed right the way in so ooopsies!! Hope you get the jist!

I know a couple of people who can't curl their hair and so I thought there must be more of yous out there. I don't understand how you can't curl your hair! When I was younger all I done was YouTube videos of how to curl your hair and also just played about with mine as I got older and found what worked for my hair the best. So I hope this helps and inspires you to try to curl your hair and try different ways to see what works best for you! 

This method is the easiest, simplest way ever. It literally takes me 10 mins to curl the whole of my hair.
None of this, tie your hair up, part your hair none sense. Just simply do it in your parten as then you can see how it looks and if there is any random strands not done or ones that need doing again. I feel like when you tie your hair up, you start to lose where you've been and it all gets mixed together which is confusing and it takes more time trying to see which parts you've already curled.

First I just want to say that I always curl my hair using straightners. It works best for me as I find it easier and I tin kit looks better than curling tongs as they come out in proper china doll ringlets, which isn't a good look for anyone. Obviously it depends which kind you have and I know you can get thicker ones but I still don't think they last. Whereas if I do it with my straightners they will last all day and all night. 

STEP ONE: Spritz some Lee Stafford Argon Oil Heat Defence spray all over your hair. This stuff I'm loving at the moment because it smells nice but also I love that my hair doesn't feel dry after I have curled it or straightened it. You want to use this when you dry your hair, and then spray some more before you let those straightners lose on your locks! 

STEP TWO: Put in your parten and just divide your hair into pig tails and bring down to the sides so there isn't any hair at the back.

STEP THREE: Starting at the front, take a small section (never too big) and put the straightners at the roots. You want to glide the straightners through your hair turning the straightners all the way round until you reach the bottom and the curl falls out.
Never roll it back up and hold as this harms the hair.

STEP FOUR: Do this all the way round until you reach the middle. You want to do your layers separately. Do your top layer separately from your bottom layer as you want your top layers curly compared to just the ends of your top layer. 

STEP FIVE: Start at the other side at the front. I turn the straightners backwards (towards the back of my head) rather that towards the front as I think they look better this way.

STEP SIX: Once all your hair is curled, give it a good shake to losen all he curls.

STEP SEVEN: Apple a pea sized amount of John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum to the ends of your hair. This just gives it a shine and makes it look healthy and soft. It also tames any frizz. This is seriously my go to product for hair.


Does this help in any way? I'm sorry if it's hard to understand and I know it would be better to show you, maybe one day I will confront my fears of video! 


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  1. Gorgeous, definitely going to have to try this out! Thanks for sharing :)