Face of the day using Benefit Makeup.

You may already know that I'm a Benefit lover, always have and always will. I think what started my love off was their beautiful packaging. I love anything that looks cute and all their makeup does. It either has an amazing bottle of comes in an amazing box. I think you're either a Benefit fan or a Mac Makeup fan. I've only ever had three things from Mac so I'm still waiting to be transformed. So here I am trying to sway all you Mac fans to the beautiful side to the Benefit side :). There has always been that stereotype that I've had with Mac makeup..the caked look. You go to a counter and they all look liked they've dipped their face in a paint pot. No offence. And I know that's not what I would do so I wouldn't look like that but that's what's always stopped me.

Anyway back to my love for Benefit. I'm surprised I haven't got more of their makeup to be honest but I'm sure that will change because I've seen a lot of their new stuff that seems very appealing such as their hello flawless foundation. 

So here I have created a step by step tutorial of how I have done my makeup to achieve this look..

So first of all you need to have with you these products: Posie tint, High Beam, Erase Paste, Benefit Cream Eyeshadow in Get Figgy, Gimme Brow, Sugarbomb Blusher and Hoola Bronzer.

STEP ONE: After applying foundation take you're Erase Paste (I'm using shade medium) (£20.50) and dab you finger into the pot and apply a generous amount in a triangle under your eyes. You want the point to come down to the the top of your nostril. 

STEP TWO: Apply to eye lids.

STEP THREE: Blend by patting it into your skin. Don't rub as this is what stretches the skin and your under eye skin is very thin.

STEP FOUR: Take your highlighter High Beam (£19.50) and draw a line above and below your cheekbones, under and above your eyebrows, down the middle of your nose and in the middle of your chin.

STEP FIVE: Take a clean foundation brush and blend it in.

STEP SIX: Apply your Gimme Brow (I'm using it in light) (£17.50) brush to your eyebrows and follow the shape. To make sure you apply the colour to each and every hair then do this backwards and then brush them back down again. You want to brush along your brow until you reach your arch and when you reach your arch then brush down. Wipe any excess off your skin.
I'm loving this product ATM as it does two things at once and it's hard to over do the brow look with this little stick of magic.

STEP SEVEN: Take your Hoola Bronzer (£23.50)

STEP EIGHT: Apply this to your cheek bones with either the brush that comes with it or a rectangle brush. I'm telling you, I will be using Hoola til I die. This no shimmer no nonsense just pure bronze bronzer is the bomb! 

STEP NINE: Apply also to the corners of your forehead and down the sides of your nose and under your chin.

STEP TEN: Using your Benefit Cream Eyeshadow in Get Figgy (I don't think they do this colour any more!) dab your finger into the pot and apply all over lid. Using a clean finger, blend the line just above the crease of your lid. I love this eyeshadow as it's so easy to apply but it does crease during the day.

STEP ELEVEN: Take a cotton bud and dab this into the pot and apply this to the bottom lash line right up to the corner of your eye. Using the clean end then blend this.

STEP TWELVE: apply eyeliner (mine isn't benefit) to your top water line and lower water line and mascara to top and bottom lashes.

STEP THIRTEEN: Use your Posie Tint (£24.50) on your lips to give them a dewy pink look.
I love this either on your cheeks or on your lips. If you apply this to your cheeks then make sure you apply before your bronzer. 

STEP FORTEEN: Using Sugarbomb (£23.50) apply this using the brush that it comes with to the apply of your cheeks. I totally I forgot I had this and have just fell in love with it all over again. It had a bit of a shimmer to it so it makes you look healthy and gives you a glow.

STEP FIFTEEN: Taaaa daaaa! All done.

Hope you enjoy this look as much as I do. 

What's your fav Benefit products? Or any Mac products I NEED to try? 

My Benefit Wishlist: Hervana blusher, Hello flawless oxygen foundation, Lemonade, Coralista, High Brow Glow.


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