Battle of the pastels. Pale pink nail edition.

Pastels have always been a must every spring/summer, but this year I feel they're out in force. Which I'm not complaining as it's my fab trend! Can't get enough of pastels. Even the cosmetics are turning pastel crazy.
There has been a few brands to attempt the pastel nails and my god they've got it right. Two brands that I've been loving has been Barry M pastel Gelly Hi Shine collection and Rimmel Rita Ora collection. These are two go to brands for my nails. They've got it so right I don't even think I will get my nails done for my holiday (second holiday) because I want to change them every day. And I did with my last holiday (check out my Holiday Looks post). 
And so here I am attempting a battle of the two brands and colours. So you don't have to go out and buy the two, I'm here to test for you so you can buy the best one. 
You can purchase the two at Superdrug if you did want to go and test them both for yourself. 

So here goes..

This is the Rita4Rimmel collection in shade Lose Your Lingerie. I am in love with this. I can't tell you how much, okay i will try. It is the perfect colour as I'm always trying to get a nice colour pink on my hands without looking like Barbie. And here it is. It has little bits of some would say glitter but it doesn't come out glittery as I think they're more like light reflectors to make it look glossier! And they work. The brush on this is great as it's angled to fit the shape of your nail. I feel like I already know who is going to win this but I will give Wor Barry M a chance ey. (Silly Geordie talk).

This is the Barry M Gelly hi shine in Rose Hip. The Gelly Hi Shine are amazing and I feel they're glossier and last longer than their normal nail varnish so this is an instant plus. Howwweverrrr when I have put it up against its competition I found this more watery than the Rimmel Rita Ora one. Also their brush is a lot thinner which is good if you've got small nails like me but they ain't that small c'mon. I found this needed one coat more than the Rimmel one which means you use more in the long run. Although, the colours are almost identical! It is so hard to tell the difference.

As you can see I have Rimmel on my left hand and Barry M on my right. (Sorry for the poor picture quality it was a really dark day!).

Try and spot the difference?! Hard isn't it. So there isn't a winner for colour as they're both in the lead for that one butttttt who passes the quality control?

I thought there is no better way to test the quality than to try it out at work where I and constantly battering my nails again cash desk, crates and scratting in the till. So I wore this for two full days at work and lays had a bath (which we all know is the real test). And here is the outcome..
This is what my Rimmel hand looked like. Not bad is it!

 And here is my Barry M hand. There is more chipped nails than my Rimmel hand and I feel it's more flakey than Rimmel but this may because I had to apply more layers to make it look consistent.

So my winner is..... DUN DUN DUN.

Rimmel by Rita Ora in Lose your lingerie! 

It lasts longer, colour is perfect, glossy and doesn't flake as much.

Hope this helps. 


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