Cartier Love Bracelet Look-a-like

Well ever since Kendal and Kylie Jenner have been on the scene I’ve know about these Cartier Love bracelets and I’m in love. But at around four thousand pounds I think it’s a tad out of my price range. Sooooo I’ve found this look-a-like.
I found them on Instagram which made me check out their website. Which I fell in love with a watch but that’s a different story.
This is what I received in the post today which was a lush surprise. (The bracelet not the watch). I ordered it off their website which works in dollars, was around $32 which worked out about £25 and I paid $10 for postage and then had to pay £11.50ish for a customs charge. I knew it was going to work out around £45 altogether but I thought I was either that or £4,000.
Postage was around 2/3 weeks which I was pleased with and was worth the wait.
Check them out.


  1. Not bad! That look-alike certainly is as glamorous as the Cartier bracelet you wanted. Did you get the matching timepiece afterwards, or did you already have one you could partner it with? Anyway, thanks for sharing that new piece of your fabulous collection. Cheers!

    Jake Schwartz @ Gold Fever Catch it!

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