My Very First Post.

So I know everyone is jumping on the blogging band wagon and I'm probably about a year too late but as I'm currently in a job that doesn't require my full time then I'm finding myself bored and want something useful to do with my time off. So yep, going to start blogging and hopefully can do it as much as I can to keep me occupied but also somewhere to write down all my fashion and beauty ideas. 

Just some info about me to start off with..I'm 22 years of age and I'm currently working at H&M (kids department). I graduated from university in May last year, which was a photography degree. And nope I've done nothing with as of yet as I just need money to get back up on my feet. I live in the north east and really want to start learning how to drive this year! 

I will be posting about fashion, beauty and maybe some baking efforts just to show off ;). 

LLC x 

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