Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Review..

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray £2.76
Whilst shopping in Boots one day trying to kill some time, i stumbled across this collection. It caught my eye as it was new and something i hadn't heard of or seen before. And i'm not going to lie, it was the prices of these products that made me look twice. It normally is, if i see a product i like then i check the price range out and if its too high then i move on. But this collection was reasonable so i started to read the bottles and about it. Since i'm a blondie and it ain't au natural, then my hair can be dry and brittle and i need to look after it just as much as my skin. 
So anyway, i decided to give it ago.
When i had a day off watching films etc, i sprayed this sheen spray all over my dry hair, literally all over. And you may guess by the title but it does make it look greasy and you shouldn't do this when you have to leave the house or have visitors. Especially spray the ends and the roots, as it does say it is a root stimulator which is known to help the hair grow quicker and in better condition.
Left it on all day and washed it off in the bath on the night time. Used conditioner as per usual and allowed it to dry naturally like i do every day.
Woke up the next morning and my hair was shiny and soft and just overall mint condition!! So i fell i love with this product. I bought it around about 2 years ago and i still have the same bottle as it lasts SO LONG.  The bottle is huge and you don't have to do this very often, i would say depending on how bad your hair is or how much you dye/use heat on it but no more than 2/3 time a months.

I can't believe i haven't actually tried any of their other products but i am sure i will at some point and will let you know hows those go.

I hope you's like this just as much as me!


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