New Hair

Yesterday was a little scary. As I went to the Hairdresses and got something different. Everyone knows how scary it is sitting in that seat waiting to see the finished results. I have only recently found a hairspdresses that I actually like and trust. But I have been blonde for 3 years now but before that have been every colour under the sun. I am one of those people who look different on every photograph since my teens. As I get older, I have found what I suit and so I think you should stick to what you suit once you find it. But I also get bored and feel a change and lift your spirits up and boost your confidence.
So anyway, I showed her my hairspiration. Which was mainly just Mollie King from The Saturdays..
Before this, i used to dye my hair myself. I used to use a home dying kit and I'd found the perfect colour and it was cheaper than going to the Hairdresses to get it dyed. I used to use Nice N Easy Perfect 10 in Lightest blonde shade. 
As I showed my hairdresser these images, she straight away knew to put different shades of low lights in. So I had dark and light caramels with a few of highlights at the front. I'm still not used to it as it's a huge change for me but I'm loving the cut as my layers are shorter and it feels bouncy which I love! 

Here is a before and after..

What do you's think of my new do? 


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