Skin Care

My first post has surely enough got to be about skin care. I’m obsessed with having perfect skin,even though as I get older I’m beginning to realise there isn’t a thing such as ‘the perfect skin’ but there is something very close. And I don’t have it. I’ve struggled my whole teenage life with bad skin and I can safely say I’ve tried EVERYTHING. From the best face washes to spot tablets. And I’m still taking these tablets but only when I have really bad days, and not just for my face as my back used to get quite bad which I hated more than my face. I feel there’s nothing sexier than a clear tanned back!
So since I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t I though I should share with you guys so you don’t have to go through the process of elimination. Although these may not work for your type of skin. I have dry but prone to blemish type skin, which I have to say is the topmost annoying because if I’m having a spotty day I tend to want to use a thick face mask and dry it all out but them I’m left with dry flakey skin. Not a good look! 

My three essentials if I have a do or I’m going out and I want my skin looking tip top are these three here ^. Sudocrem has been an all time favourite since I began university. Sometimes I would even apply it all over my face and go to sleep with it on if my skin was in drastic condition, but these days I only apply it when I have a red blemish or a spot if dry skin that needs calming down. Yes I know it’s a happy rash cream but it works wonders and some celebs swear by it! This tube is a travel tube as it’s easy to carry but also looks a tad better than the big tub that mothers use on their babies. Small tube around £1.50

Next is No7 essential moisture night cream. The day cream is just as good for during the day time but I feel a night moisturiser is an essential as the skin is known to repair itself during the night. 

This is thick but only if you apply loads, if you apply a small amount it works just as good. It also lasts a long time! 

Last but not least is rose hip oil. I found out about this by reading about Miranda Kerr and how she swears by Trilogy RoseHip oil (£16) Which I have tried and it’s the same thing but it was quite expensive for a little bottle so I opted for the cheaper option (£3.50 from Amazon). This is great for people who suffer from acne scarring and uneven skin tone. Since I had bad blemishes, I made them worse by picking at them which causes scarring and I love this! I apply a drop onto a cotton pad and rub it over my face just before bed. And you wake up and your skin is glowing.

This is not my everyday skin care so I will be doing a post about everyday skin are soon.


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