Lets Raid My Makeup Bag

If you’re anything like me, then you’d love to see inside every girls makeup bag. I’m so nosey when it comes to seeing what other girls put on their faces and how they do it (yep I’m one of those that stares when you’re doing your makeup). When me and all my girls are together getting ready we always end up pinching each other’s things and seeing what they use etc. so I thought I would do a post on my makeup bag. I’m obsessed with Ted baker and their makeup bags are lush! So here is just a few things I have inside..

Must admit, looking at this image of my contents on the floor it needs a good tidy out and because it’s a decent size bag it can hold lots, which sometimes isn’t a good thing. I also have a separate bag for my brushes as there is nothing worse than pulling a makeup brush out of your bag and the bristles have bent or whatever. 
Starting off with my brushes, is the most important brush, which is a foundation brush. I have only recently found this type of foundation brush and it’s the way forward! I always used to hate the flat foundation brushes as they leave streak marks and you end up having to use your fingers anyway which is pointless in my eyes. Fingers are good tools though I must admit. This brush was a cheapy off one of those makeup stalls as you can end up paying a fortune for some! Which isn’t in my price range at this moment in time. 
I have several eye shadow brushes as I tend to use different ones for different techniques depends if I am shading or doing a block colour etc.
Then there is my eyebrow brush, which I use to colour in my brows with eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Naked palette (shade: buck). Then I use the little mini brow brush (not sure if they have a specific name) to make sure my eyebrows are groomed correctly. And then there is my eyelash brush which I use if my mascara is not brand new and ends up going on clumpy then I use this to brush them out. Also, I have missed my blusher brush out but that is just a typical slanted brush.
My bronzer brush is a mini one inside the Benefit Hoola box as I use that because it’s just as good.
Now let’s move onto the good stuff.

Everyone know ps how good the Urban Decay Naked palettes are and if you don’t you should. This was bought about 2 years ago so as you can see it has been well used and lasted a long time. I bought it on the airplane coming home from holiday as it was only £26 whereas here it costs around £32. I bought it after reading on a blog that it was good so thought I would try it for myself. LOVE it. As you can see I need a new one and I’m going to buy the Naked palette 3. Everyone should have one of these.
Next, we have my work makeup. This Garnier BB cream is great for when you don’t want to use your ‘good’ makeup on everyday work situations. I have the medium colour which can be quite orangey if I haven’t don’t my face tan in a while so I always make sure I have tanned before I wear this. You can get three different shades so if you have a pale skin go for the pale colour or dark for those darker skin tones. It’s a tinted moisturiser and is good for dry skin or for those who don’t like the caked look. Then we have my Benefit essentials. Hoola bronzer, erase paste concealer, brown cream eye shadow and poise tint. Start with my overall favourite makeup product EVER. Benefit Hoola. The most amazing bronzer. It doesn’t have any of this shimmer in that make your cheeks look like a disco ball and it’s not orange. I don’t think I could wear anything else. Erase Paste is such a good concealer for both blemishes and under eye, it’s creamy so don’t dry on those dry patches. It doesn’t crease even though it’s creamy. I have the number 2 shade (i think). Its literally on its last legs though and I am in desperate need of a new one but I am waiting until I go on holiday so I can have a big splurge on the things I need so I can hopefully get them cheaper at the airport. The eyeshadow is a creamy one too which is good as if it keeps your face looking dewy which is the look that I like. Although this does crease a little so prepare to carry around to reapply. Posie Tint is a pink liquid that can be used in your cheeks or lips. I like to use it on my lips as it makes them a nice shade and doesn’t dry them or stick to dry places on your lips if you have dry lips. I don’t use this on my cheeks as I tend to use bronzer first and If I apply this over the top it ends up taking off the bronzer.
Now onto my good foundation. I love Clinique. This super balanced foundation in number 5 is amazing for dry skin, or for the dewy look. Priced at £17.50. Good coverage, stays on well.
This Moisture Serge foundation is a tinted moisturiser. Although it doesn’t feel like one at all, which is a good thing. I still use moisturiser underneath but this colouring is lush. It has a pinky tone to it which is good for the winter. This is an amazing coverage for a tinted moisturiser.
Eyeliner (liquid and pencil) are also an essential.

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