Everyday Skin Care

Goooooodmorning! I’m feeling fresh this morning so thought I would do an every day skin care post. You’ve read previously about my skin problems ( or so you should have, if you haven’t it’s on my second post) and I’ve tried and tested over a thousand products, and now I know what works for me and what doesn’t. I used to try so many products that I probably overloaded my skin so these days I try not to use too many as the skin should be able to breathe.

So, these are the products I use everyday ( or every two days). I’m going to start off with Clean & Clear. I LOVE this and always will. It works wonders at clearing the skin. I use it after I’ve took my makeup off, just to make sure I’ve got all my makeup off as I don’t want any build up left. I also use it before I put my makeup on just so I’m not putting makeup on top of any grease. It can be quite dry on your skin if you use it a lot in one day but it’s great if you need to dry a spot out just to put some in the end of a cotton bud to dab it on the spot and keep doing so until you feel you’re bringing the blemish out. It makes your skin soft and generally look fresh. This is an ESSENTIAL to my routine. Costs around £3 from Superdrug or Boots.

Next we have St.Ives apricot scrub. Costing £4ish. But it lasts a long time so worth the price! I use this as my exfoliator as the natural exfoliants work brill as you rub it in circular motions around your face. It clears any dead dry skin and brings out new fresh smooth skin. An exfoliator is important as your skin isn’t going to look glowing if you’ve got it hidden under layers of dead skin. Once you’ve used it, your makeup goes on lush and also good for tanning.

To be honest any of the St.Ives scrubs would do the job but since I have blemish prone skin I chose the blemish fighting scrub. It doesn’t dry your skin out like some scrubs can.
And finally, the Garnier Pure Action 3 in 1. This is what I use as my face mask that I use every two days as it’s strong so you don’t want to use a mask every day. It’s a clay based mask so it drys white and hard ( a face mask should always be when you can smile). It also has exfoliants in but as I use it as a mask and not a face wash, I’m not scrubbing it into my skin. It’s great at clearing your pores and if you wear makeup everyday you’re bound to get a build up which this removes any and refreshes your skin.
Hope this helps.

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