Beauty UK Lipstick Review.

Superdrug are amazing for makeup bargains! They do some expensive but they also have the cheap makeup stalls which if you find a brand that works for you why not spend the minimum.
I'm always on the lookout for a bargain and i have recently purchased a Beauty UK lipstick before and i really liked the way it went on and if you like the actual lipstick then that is the main thing as they always do a number of colours so i am sure you can find a one you suit.
So anyway, knowing that i liked the product previously i decided to purchase some more as you can never have too many lippys! In my case, i always end up forgetting i have all mine as i normally focus on the newest ones which is bad as i probably end up buying the same ones.
As well as being cheap, they had an offer on so it was buy one get one half price. The lipsticks are normally £3.49 BUT i have bought one for £1 before at Superdrug so there are the deals you want to look out for as a lipstick for a pound is a steal.

The two colours that i purchased were 'Pink my ride' and 'Cupcake'.
Applying the 'Pink my ride' one i am shocked by the bright colour as i couldn't open it as there was no testers. Then applying it i remember the tingle you get as it has a mint smell and taste, i think its to plump up your lips to make them seem bigger and plumper. I really like how it doesn't smell or taste cheap as sometime when you pay less, the quality is less. 
'Pink my ride' is the electric pink which is silky but a matt finish which is my favourite as i tent to get dry lips and putting a dry lipstick on dry lips is a disaster. The only bad point about this lipstick is that you would have to keep it at bay as it does come off easy.
Whereas 'Cupcake' is a little bit like that, its dry and the colour can look like i have applied concealer to my lips (remember when people used to do that, yep i was one of them haha). So with this one i think its better to rub some on your finger and then rub it onto your lips as its then more like a stain and doesn't go on as thick or dry.


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